One of the subset of Employee Engagement with local charities is promoting employees to volunteer. A company can promote volunteering in multiple ways:

  • Skill Based: Local charities apart from financial support also require skill support to build their systems and structures. For instance a NGO wants a training for their staff on Tally/Britannia Office, Web design etc. The company can look into such skills among its employees and encourage them to support the NGO.
  • Loaned Executive: The Company can loan an executive to a local charity for a definite period of time. Employees can be loaned for a specific project run by an NGO. For instance a company can loan an executive for helping NGO to do assessment of the projects or compile an annual report.
  • Volunteering Day: A day in a year for encouraging employees to volunteer their time and skills with area local charities can be chosen by the Company.

UWCe Volunteering programs are customized to ensure results are achieved and impact is visible. Visible results spread the feel good among the employees and encourage them to participate in such activities on a regular basis.


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