United Way of Chennai in partnership with Nalandaway have been involved with a pilot project in rehabilitating the children from juvenile homes and Government Homes in Tamilnadu. Towards which 50 children were selected, identified their skills and aspirations, with applied psychometrics and planned a scope of work towards training and placement. Dhinesh is the first child who was opted to be helped with by the GE volunteers.

Case study of Dhinesh:
Dinesh, currently 18 years old, was found at the Tirunelveli railway station when he was 6. Not knowing the local language, he was registered as a verbally handicapped child at the Tirunelveli Govt. Home. He was actually called as “Oomai” by the people in the home which means dumb. However, over time, he was given speech therapy and he started learning the language and conversing with others. There are no details about his parentage or where he comes from. Once his talent and interest in design emerged, he was transferred to the Boys Home in Royapuram, Chennai, so that relevant opportunities can be identified and leveraged for him. Dinesh has been in the Royapuram Home for the past year.

Plan of study and placement for Dhinesh:
People at the home and the staff of nalandaway were bewildered with his talents in drawing and painting. This inspired them to help Dhinesh get transferred to Chennai to pursue with his ambition. There were a lot of formalities that had to be done at the government level and it was inspiring to note both Nalandaway and the officers at the Government home taking special interest towards the transfer. Nalandaway approached M/s Arena (www.arena-kilpauk.com) and got him a seat with an animation course at a concessional rate (nearly 53,000/-) with a placement. He will also be simultaneously continuing his higher secondary course.

Distribution of the cheque for 52,000/- to Arena for Dhinesh:
Friends of Dhinesh and his well wishers got together and arranged for a small get together at the Royapuram Boys Home along with Nalandaway, United Way Chennai, teachers and supervisors with the superintendent from the home and representatives from GE and Arena. The superintendent was extremely happy that there are many more hands to help the kids with their endeavours. One among the teachers explained the trouble that they had to go through to get Dhinesh transferred to Chennai from the Tirunelveli home. The entire episode was a motivational incident for all other children.
The cheque was handed over to Dhinesh by Mr.Ramesh of GE and was congratulated for his achievement. Dhinesh was indeed touched by the praises that he earned from all and promised to keep up to the expectations.
UWC is extremely thankful to GE volunteers for their worthy contribution.

Pictures taken at the appreciation get together of Dhinesh from Royapuram Boys Home:

Dhinesh receiving the cheque for 53,000/- from Mr. Ramesh of GE surrounded by the other volunteers from GE along with the Superintendent of the Home.

Friends of Dhinesh having come together to rejoice his achievement