Based on an on-ground evaluation done by our team along with technical experts, we have identified five water bodies which are in need of intervention.

  1. LAKE #1 – VannanKulam, Shollinganallur, Kancheepuram  (12°53’54.18″N Latitude and  80°14’2.48″E Longitude)


2. LAKE #2 – KAZHIPATHUR (12°48’56.99″N Latitude and     80°13’48.07″E Longitude) – Kazhipathur village, Old Mahabalipuram Road

The lake is surrounded by residential buildings at the East of the lake and a Govt. School, Play ground & Rajiv Gandhi IT Expressway road on the north side


3. LAKE #3 – PATTARAVAKKAM LAKE   (13° 6’37.16″N Latitude and 80°10’16.56″E Longitude)

Pattaravakkam Lake is an independent lake which flows towards the downstream side of Korattur Tank.


4. LAKE #4 BALAJI NAGAR KULAM (12°53’33.17″N Latitude and 80°14’1.32″E Longitude)


5. LAKE #5 – JEYACHANDRAN NAGAR WATER BODY (12°55’20.35″N Latitude and 80°12’4.67″E Longitude)