Sujatha Gnanasekher

Though it was a very short assignment, learning through the project and its impact analysis was immense. Visits to various NGOs gave us insights about supporting and aiding children with special needs. I feel that the visit to KFI, Thirukazhukundram was a mind changer for me. The teaching methodologies adopted and designed in-house takes their coaching for challenged children to an entirely different altitude. I thank United Way of Chennai for giving me this wonderful opportunity and special thanks to Mrs. Shyamala Ashok for without her support and guidance the project would not have been complete.


Chandrasekar Nittala

I interned with United Way of Chennai for 3 weeks during the WeCare Internship program of my college NMIMS. During this period, I got to visit nearly 7-8 NGOs which have partnered with UWC. I interviewed the director, teachers and students at the NGOs. This was really an enriching experience. It helped me understand how the funds provided by UWC was impacting the NGOs at the ground level. I am really grateful to Ms. Shyamala Ashok for mentoring us throughout this program. The knowledge and skills that I gained here will really help me in advancing my career and my personal life. Thank you, United Way!


Ganesh J

Through The ‘We Care’ program of our institute Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, we got to intern with United Way of Chennai. It was a 20 day program filled with learning experience. We got an opportunity to visit a handful of NGOs funded by United Way of Chennai and study the social impact on lives of children touched by these NGOs with the help of United Way of Chennai partnering. We learnt as to how an NGO works, how they respond to the needs of the differently abled children. What do corporates look for in an NGO while partnering with them? At the end of our program, we submitted our findings and recommendations to the board of United Way of Chennai. We were extremely happy at the level of recognition we received from the board of United Way of Chennai. We are extremely thankful to Ms. Shyamala Ashok the executive director at UWC for giving us this wonderful opportunity. The learning and the sweat memories of being with UWC will last with us for long.

Muthu Narayan
We were put in touch with UWC through our campus SVKM NMIMS, School of Business Management, Mumbai for our “We Care” program which is part of our curriculum. Initially I was a bit skeptical because I haven’t done any social work before and all that fear was demolished when I interacted with the people at UWC. They showed us a new and more practical way of how the work is done and we were clearly informed of the work that we were supposed to do. Coming from a Banking & Finance background, I was entrusted to evaluate two proposals that had come for a project and we were given full freedom to interact with concerned authorities in order to get our doubts cleared. Meetings were set up on time and and this 20 odd day program was a much needed learning experience for a budding MBA grad. The internship not only enriched me with the CSR activities, but also showed me how people take the extra step in order to ensure a sustaining community.

Thirumagan A

As part of the “We Care” Program of SVKM NMIMS, School of Business Management, Mumbai I got an opportunity to    work with United Way of Chennai. UWC gain me an opportunity to put forward the theoretical knowledge I gained from Corporate Social Responsibility into practice. UWC gave me a chance to understand the other side of the society of which I was totally unaware till then. I was introduced to a handicapped federation to work in close with them to understanding about how UWC is supporting them for various social causes. The field visits organised by UWC helped me to understand better the problems faced by the physically challenged children and the plight of their parents. I was given a chance to use my finance acumen to evaluate two proposals for organisation developed of a child care school. It was a great 20 days learning experience. I cherish each and every moment I spent with United Way of Chennai.