Passionate people like YOU, raising funds for a cause are the Hope and Motivation for those involved, in the noble work of Charity.

All Individual Runners who have selected the option to “Raise funds for Charity through friends and family”, read on, to know how you can use your contacts to help a lesser privileged in this society.

This option helps you to raise funds for a particular cause that you wish to support jointly with people whom you might know, your friends who has the confidence in your words.

  1. On registration you just pay the registration amount specified and you get a confirmation mail with BIB no . This registration amount does not go for charity but to the organizers of the event.
  2. You will get 2 links through e-mail. One of these will help you choose the NGO for whom you wish to raise the money. The other link should be shared with your family and friends, to help raise funds for the cause that you support, because they know YOU.
  3. On clicking the first link you will reach a drop down with the list of NGOs who have registered with United Way of Chennai, for the 2014 Marathon. There is also a hyperlink near the drop down.This gives the details of the NGOs, whom you may want to choose.
  4. Once you have chosen the NGO for whom you want to raise funds, you can share the second link with your friends and family, who can help you just raise funds but will not be runners for the Marathon.
  5. The registered runner will get a page to know how much money has been raised by his/her contacts.
  6. As a runner who has selected this option to raise funds, your involvement to bring in your friends to contribute is required. Motivate your friends by writing to them about the NGO you have chosen, speaking to them, even visiting the NGO etc.. and help getting funds for Charity. Write about the cause dear to you in your facebook, and share it with your friends to gain more support for your cause.
  7. You can share the link with as many contacts that you might have and raise funds for the cause that you are dear to.
  8. The link when clicked will take you to the payment gateway and the contribution can be made.

Through this option of registration, as an Individual, you can join in as many contacts that you might have, to raise funds for a noble cause.

For additional information and and guidance on how to use this charity platform, please review this document.

If you have made the choice to run for charity, then don’t hesitate to spend a little time every day, to give a life to someone, somewhere.

Even if you have not made that conscious choice to run for charity, You can still contribute to charity now,click on the donate button and give for charity.