UWC in partnership with PCVC, one of the leading NGOs in Chennai is holding a workshop at Hotel President on 5th and 6th of December 2012. The workshop will be facilitated by Indrani Goradia, a renowned Life Skills Coach and Founder of Indranis Life Foundation, USA. Ms. Roma Bose will be accompanying Ms. Indrani Goradia for the workshop.

Indrani Goradia came to the United States in 1974 to gain an education and discover a new world. Although she earned a degree in speech and communication, Indrani did not fully discover her own voice until the age of fifty. When she reached mid-life, she realized that while she had all the material blessings one could desire, but she was not happy or fulfilled. In a courageous effort to discover her own strength, she learned to swim in 6 months and completed an Olympic Distance Triathlon(both a physical and spiritual one). During that same year, she did her first marathon. The stress and challenges of these experiences allowed to Indrani undergo a spiritual rebirth to find her real, authentic self. As a result Indrani found the courage to use her God given gifts to heal pieces of her world. Today, Indrani works with women of all ages and situations to help them find their own voice in a world that often threatens to silence their voices. Indrani redefines what it means to live boldly, and now teaches others how to find their own fulfilling lives. She cherishes all opportunities to help facilitate growth in other women and individuals around the globe! Indrani began a foundation to help women find develop awesome lives filled with wonder, you can learn more at www.indranislight.org.