United way of Chennai arranged to conduct a summer camp for the boys at the observational and reception home, Royapuram.

Objectives of the camp: The children in this home are living midst the juvenile justice systems. Leading a normal life, developing coping strategies to overcome their regular aggression, depression, other kinds of negative attitudes and emotions that bother them towards completion of their regular activities are some of which we need to regularly address.

At the end of the three day camp the children should have aimed to complete the following.

1. Completed making at least two different items. (Jewelry, painting, pottery etc. ) Per child within the said period.
2. Able to deal and cope with the difficulties that they would have faced during the completion of the project.
3. Able to relate at least three ways for marketing these items.

Training Methodology:

A Participatory training methodology was followed. Initially the trainer taught the children through demonstrations and discussions. Subsequently the children along with the trainer attempted to complete the craft. Finally the trainer ensured completion of the product by each child in spite of the latter having to face difficulties. Some of the problems included long hours of concentration, children feeling that they are incapable to complete or compete due to their low self-esteem, too much of a competitive spirit leading to clashes, etc. Team Work and useful energy channelizing helped the trainer take the children through as a team to complete the task. The workshop was for three complete days. Six types of craft were taught to the children.

About the Trainer:

The craft workshop training was conducted by Mr. Parthiban of the Salt Trust. Salt Trust is an NGO working for underprivileged children. Their primary focus is on trainings and workshops for the underprivileged. They have implemented several workshops for the children associated with the Department of Social Defense, especially for the girls home, – Kellys Chennai, Vigilance Home, Mylapore, Chennai etc.

Mr. Parthiban from Salt Trust is also helping the children at the Government Boys Home in teaching the keyboard. He has been training them for the past two years.

Problem faced during the training:

Around 15 of them below the age of 12 found it a little to grasp and learn the art. It also took them a long time to gel themselves into a team. Day -1 took them long for familiarizing among them and to learn the art. Towards Day -2 and 3 there was tremendous improvement and the output improved among the children.

Feedback from the children:

The children were very happy that they were able to learn new types of art and learning. They felt encouraged and motivated during the training. They felt proud viewing their own finished products. The children felt that the overall workshop and training was very useful for them. The trainer was able to tap the individual talents of the children and enhance their motivation. They also felt that their academic year started well. It was thereafter felt that regular such workshops could be a therapeutic coping strategy for the children from the observational and reception homes. The finished products may be used as Mementos for VIP’s by HCL or United Way.

Finished Products by the children living under juvenile justice systems:

Pot Painting with Bouquets

Jewelry Making

Bouquet Making

Garland Making

Paper quelling art

Wall Hangings