Priya is the resident of Rajanagar village. Her father is a mason and her mother works as a daily wage construction laborer. Her father left the mother and their children few years ago due to a family unrest. At present priya and her mother is living with her grandparents. Her grandparents belong to the most backward class, who works as a village cleaner.

Every day Priya wakes up at 5 am and completes her school assignments. After finishing her daily chores she gets ready to leave for school.

She has to walk about 3 km every day to reach the school. She is the only girl in the family who is studying in an English medium school. At school she is a bright student, even though she has a few health oriented problems she doesn’t miss the school. Her favorite subjects are English and Tamil, she likes the library and games period as well. After the school hours she helps her grandmother by washing clothes and utensils every day. Seldom Priya takes breakfast in the morning. Some time the family lives on one meal a day. Priya has treasured a great dream in her heart, she says when she grows up she would want to become a doctor and serve the community. Wish her the success.