Dear Patron,

At the onset, I would like to thank you for your interest towards charity at The Wipro Chennai Marathon (TWCM). Since 2012, The Wipro Chennai Marathon has helped over 100 NGOs from across Tamil Nadu associate themselves with the marathon thereby connecting with tens of thousands of runners that participate each year to support their charity efforts.

United Way envisions a society wherein individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, financial stability, and healthy lives. UWC helps donors identify the most urgent causes and enables them to support the most deserving NGOs working towards those causes across Tamil Nadu.

Let’s Live United and let’s help all around us Live healthy & Happy lives.

Warm Regards,
Ashworth Vaz.

Process of identifying NGOs & Causes
UWC has a stringent due diligence process prior to on boarding an NGO as a beneficiary of TWCM. This includes all statutory compliances, project proposal formalisation, and capacity building. Once an NGO passes this due diligence process, they receive a crowdfunding page to help reach out to runners and supporters across the globe.

Charity begins at TWCM
Runners of TWCM have the option to contribute to a charity as a part of their run. In fact not only runners, but ANYONE who wishes to do their bit towards a cause close to their heart can do so at the marathon. Further details can be found at

How are the funds utilised?

United Way Chennai takes responsibility to ensure that every penny donated through the marathon are being utilised for the right purposed – only those mentioned on the charity page as per each NGO. This responsibility does not stop at the fund utilisation but also to ensure that the impact reaches the end beneficiaries.