1.Working in partnerships to:

  • Expand the current livelihood through education projects for children across all Govt. Homes in the state.
  • Piloting series of primary health care centers.
  • To help access a few super specialty children hospitals outside / near Chennai, to make it affordable to the communities around.
  • Enhancing healthy and hygienic living.
  • Improving livelyhood / skill transformation for the underprivileged with particular thrust on the physically challenged.

2. What it means:

  • Using community expert knowledge to set bold community goals and build strategies with community partners that get at the root causes of education, income, and health challenges

3. What United Way does with partners:

  • Sets meaningful community goals
  • Builds action plans
  • Implements along with partners

4. What needs to change:

  • Strategies are community-wide and comprehensive
  • Strategies have to get at root causes to bring about social changes with impact