United Way of Chennai, partners with Nalandaway Foundation headed by Sriram Iyer. This is our first project partnership aiming to render vocational skills to the children of special homes and children of government homes. They would be assessed with their existing aspirations and attitudes applying psychometrics, rendered with required vocational skills and aimed at placing them in corporate sectors for jobs that would earn them the best. This will not only enhance their overall quality of life, but will have proud moments to look for after they are out of the homes at the age of 18 years. They will also be embraced by their family members which at present does not happen. This is a program which will have lauded volunteers as proud mentors for the kids from the corporate sectors. The project will aim at giving effective livelihoods to 1500 such children between 16 and 18 years. Together with Nalandaway Foundation we will also follow these kids after employment for at least three subsequent years so as to help them with stability. We intend funding the organization for five consecutive years to achieve a sustained program within the Department of Social Defense. Nalandaway are also proud partners of UNICEF towards child protection.

The inaugural is at the Kellys Government Home at 4pm on 25th May at 4pm. All friends are invited to really view the credibilities of these kids…worth seeing and feeling….