Child Voice

No 85/86, First Floor, Near Rajamaniammal Hospital, Periyar Colony Nilakottai- 624208

About NGO:

Child voice is a registered Non Governmental Organization working for the welfare and development of children from marginalized background in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu. Child Voice has rich experience and sound background of working with children since 2011. Child Voice works with children at risk its primary focus on street and working children, school dropouts, adolescent girls at risk, children who are physically and sexually abused and those children who are in need of special care and protection. Child voice is a rights based organization having active participation with community towards creating a safe and secure child friendly environment. It focuses on sustainability through short and medium term interventions to ensure child rights and enabling all children to enjoy their rights in the community.

Fund Usage:

The project, aims to address the 2 important factors that remain a enormous challenge for the development of a tribal child is one Nutrition and two Knowledge gap.
Hence the project aims to address the nutrition requirement of the children by addressing the needs of each individual, chart a nutrition plan for 1 year and administer the necessary nutrition intake to the children by trained support staff. By regularly monitoring the changes in attitude, aptitude and general performance of the child successful project modules can be created and the project aims to reduce the knowledge gap of the children by providing activity based learning to engage the children and successfully mainstream them back into regular schools, monitor their performance and support them with their needs. More over the project aims to provide value based supplementary nutritious food to the tribal children in their home environment.


Outcome 1
The selected community people become aware of their basic health rights and other Rights, understand the importance of health care and nutrition and they will send their children in to schools regularly. 

Outcome 2
Children aged 0-14 is well nourished with complete eradication of malnourishment in the communities. 20 Adolescent girls from the tribal community aged 12 - 19 will be free from anaemic with regular accessibility of iron and vitamin supplements.

Outcome 3
A affirmative Platform for integrated approach between stakeholders towards the welfare of the tribal children with proactive approach by the district administration and tribal welfare board initiated by the Child Voice and its advocacy and lobby efforts. Community Children Sangam have direct access to District Administration enabling them to continue access to welfare programs availed in the government.