Special School for the Mentally Challenged East Mogappair (Next to TNEB Office & Telephone Exchange) Chennai 600 037

  • Founded Year: 1989
  • Cause Category: Education
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  • Phone: +91 98401 46190
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About NGO:

VASANTHAM, a special school for the mentally challenged, was established in the year 1989 with six children. With continuous support from patrons, VASANTHAM moved out from a small rented building, to a comparatively spacious premise. VASANTHAM has at present 123 individuals (children and adults) under its shelter, half of them being residents of the school. Since its inception, VASANTHAM has devoted its services exclusively towards the welfare and development of individuals with special needs.

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Facilities to train different categories of individuals with special needs (mentally retarded, autistic, attention deficit/hyperactive, cerebral palsy, learning disabled) exist at VASANTHAM in diverse domains by qualified professionals. The services offered at Vasantham include academic training, self-help training, pre-vocational and vocational training, speech and language, physio and occupational therapies; yoga, play, dance and music therapies. About 20 children are trained under normal school syllabus and assessed regularly. The other children are evaluated once in 3 months on a different scale.                                      

Several products such as paper bags, greeting cards, lamps, paintings, chain, earing, bracelet, key chains, etc are prepared by children with special needs under the vocational unit. Apart from this, few children are involved in weighing and packing provisions. These products and provision are put on sale at Vasantham’s campus and in offices/events conducted at different parts of Chennai. Children involved in these vocational activities and helping in other office activities at Vasantham receive stipend on a monthly basis. Few of them have also been employed at offices and shops outside Vasantham’s premise.

Fund Usage:

The target amount to be raised is Rs. 10 lakhs. It will go towards the following cause - Targeted skill development for special children aimed at improving their self-worth and dignity. Read more about the cause here.

This year we would like to request runners to support towards our vocational and therapy units. These would help the better ones to develop skills and earn; and the special needy ones benefit from therapies, thereby improving their self-worth and dignity. Currently, adolescent and adults with special needs at Vasantham are involved in making candles, files, paintings, jewellery, jute bags, cloth bags, stoles, table runners, etc. Some of these are prepared using the fabric made by these individuals.


Your donation will support 123 children in Vasantham