Multiple Sclerosis Society of India, Chennai Chapter.

No.8/17, Shafee Mohammed Road,2nd Floor, Middle – Wing, Next to Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai – 600 006.

  • Founded Year: 1997
  • Cause Category: Disability
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  • Phone: 9962100256
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About NGO:

Multiple Sclerosis Society of India – Chennai Chapter is a registered NGO founded in 1997 and working for the welfare of people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Our main aim is helping MS persons and their caregivers to be able to cope with disease and also creating awareness about Multiple Sclerosis. Our goal is to identify patients diagnosed with MS and see that they receive the required medical treatment. MSSI reaches out to MS persons with medical, financial and emotional support  including need based rehabilitation. Physiotherapists are engaged by MSSI to go to homes of MS persons. Psychotherapy / counseling and monthly meetings are conducted with views of creating an inclusive environment for the MS persons as well as caregivers. The children of MS persons are taken into our fold with the need based scholarship for school and college education. In short MSSI establishes a life long relationship with the MS persons and the family in the hope that we can help them in our endeavour to “Turn a life sentence into a life”.

Fund Usage:

Physiotherapy can help patients learn to cope with their changing body condition, develop strength and stamina, regain abilities after each disease flare up. Physiotherapy is often recommended when there is a specific problem or ongoing symptoms that affect day-to-day activities, mobility and independence. From the phase of diagnose to advanced level of MS, physiotherapy is needed, depends on an individual’s physical condition. Neuro Physiotherapy for people with MS focuses on helping them return to their roles performed at home, workplace, and in the community. Physiotherapy after diagnosis can reduce disability, maximize potential for independence, improve employment  sustainability and reduce the impact that the disease has on health and quality of life factors. Normal movements require some coordinated sequence like muscle contraction and relaxation. MS can disrupt this process, resulting in the simultaneous contraction of opposing muscles. The affected body become stiff or difficult to move and tends to feel very tight. This is known as “Spasticity”. Physiotherapists provide a unique contribution to the management of people with MS through the improvement and maintenance of functional abilities.


  • MS patients are able to lead quality of life.
  • Make MS patients become independent.
  • Develop their coping level on a day to day basis to little enable them to manage
    tasks themselves.