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70% of the children in India face malnourishment which affects their mind and body. The intervention of milk with Ammukkura Churnam in their diet has shown a lot of improvement in their health and immunity in a matter of days. The children are also closely monitored by Ayurveda doctors which has helped the children to understand Ayurveda which is a science of ‘Healthy Living’.

 A home in Thirukoilure  ‘Residential middle school’  where 250 children from economically backward classes stay to complete their schooling  was identified.

Ayurveda doctors in the locality were identified to do an initial health analysis. Then in between 2 meals like between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner about 200ml of milk with Ammukura churnam is given to the children.

As per the texts in Ayurveda, Milk as a supplement is digested and assimilated in the body similar to mother’s milk. Ammukura Churnam which has the root Ashwagandha improves immunity levels of an individual.


Food is our basic requirement and health is everybody’s right. Just by the virtue of poverty and ignorance lot of children are missing out on health which would also affects their mind.

The awareness of Ayurveda and the importance of daily routine help’s these children to eat and take care of oneself with awareness.

The benefits seen in the projects so far-

  • Appetite increased.
  •  They slept better at night so were more alert in the classroom.
  • There was a marked improvement in the complexion and clarity in the student’s faces.
  • They seemed more alert. Children were more active in the classroom and very energetic.They felt fresh throughout the day.
  • The children showed improvement in concentration thus doing much better in the class.
  • Girls specifically noticed an improvement in the menstrual cycle. There was a case where a girl claimed to have regular periods after a long time.
  • Children noticed reduction in hairfall.

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