Sri Arunodayam

Plot No: 35, Sivananda Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai - 600 099 (TN), India

About NGO:

Sri Arunodayam is a home for mentally challenged children abandoned by their parents in places like hospitals and crowded public places such as railway and bus stations. The Department of Social Welfare, the Police, and Child Helpline, rescue these children and send them to Sri Arunodayam (which is a Government recognized Reception Unit) to receive timely medical treatment and care. Today they care for 106 precious lives.

The focus of Sri Arunodayam is to Nurture, Rehabilitate and Restore.

Nurture: Most arrive at our Home in a pitiful condition having endured rejection, abuse, and unimaginable hardships. We nurture, feed, clothe, comfort, and medically treat them to the best of our capabilities. HIV infected children are treated and handed over to the Government authorized HIV Homes. The rest remain with us and this becomes their home.

Rehabilitate: A lifelong process. As they recover they are introduced to physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, special education, and vocational training. Our Special Educators set goals for them and each child is individually assessed and evaluated. We encourage them to participate socially, at their own pace.

Restore: We believe that a family set-up is the best environment for a child to grow up in and develop. So, we make every attempt to trace a child’s family and try and re-unite the child with them. We provide counsel to parents willing to be reconciled with their children. Our legal department has restored 78 children with their families, so far.

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Fund Usage:

The target amount to be raised is Rs. 12 lakhs. It will go towards the following cause - Targeted skill development for special children aimed at improving their self-worth and dignity. Read more about the cause here.

Your donation will support the following:

  • Cost of setting up a nursery and vegetable garden in Sri Arunodayam and the 3 year personnel cost to run and monitor the same with a gardener. The children above the age group of 18 years will be taught Vermiculture and Organic Vegetable gardening.
  • Personnel costs for 3 years (Vocational trainer and Manager) - Hire a skilled Vocational instructor who is good at working with mentally challenged children and will help develop the curriculum for vocational training, train the children and evaluate the children with regards to their progress.


More than 30 children (above 18 years) in Sri Arunodayam will benefit from this initiative.

Raised ₹327501

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