Hope Foundation

HOPE foundation Matriculation School, TNSCB Colony, Kannagi Nagar, Chennai 600 097

About NGO:

HOPE foundation Matriculation School is located in Kannagi Nagar Slum
Rehabilitation Colony. It was established in 2001 and provides FREE English Medium
education from Pre-KG to 9 th std to the underprivileged children of Kannaginagar colony.
The school is imparting education to 400+ students


Fund Usage:

USSD Program aims to give a platform to the students of HOPE foundation Matriculation School which is established right inside the colony to grow into responsible and contributing members of the society. Through the money received we will provide proper training and coaching to 400 students of HOPE School through trained professionals, will bring out the hidden talents of the students regarding sports and athletics and help them acquire mastery over it also learn essential life skills, unleash their energies, shout till their throat aches and jump till they drop dead and swing and sway to their hearts content.


Identifying of talent in different sport
 Improved physical fitness
 Stronger bones
 Weight regulation
 Health promotion
 Improved judgment:
 Self-discipline
 Skill development
 Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
 Strengthened peer relationships
 Reduced risk of depression
 More active lifestyles

Fundraisers supporting this NGO: