Mary Anne Charity Trust-MACT

39/8, Starling Apartments, Akbarabad 2nd street Kodambakkam Chennai-24

About NGO:

The greatest threat today for the development of our nation is tobacco. Tobacco gradually destroys the smoker, the health & economy of the smoker’s family and thereby the whole nation is economically & health wise burdened. To create a healthy society, the measures have to be initiated from the children, the citizens of tomorrow.
Units for children against tobacco -CAT are formed state wise. The children are trained on what is tobacco, health hazards of tobacco, how to move away from the tactics of tobacco industries etc. When the foundation on the evils of tobacco is strong in the minds of children they create a smoke free world for themselves.

Fund Usage:

The Budget will be used to create a CAT units among School Going Children and out of school children.

Beneficiary Count 250 (10 units) will be started, the Training, IEC and stationery meterials will be provided. We will give regular follow up for the Units.

Location of the Proposed Project is Chennai, Tiruvallur, Pudhukottai, Trichy Districts


A healthy society is constructed by the children themselves by moving away from the ill effects of tobacco. The children who are trained against tobacco become leaders in the community and also train the other children.  They ensure that their family, peers and people in their own circle do not use tobacco products. The masters of today fight for their own healthy environment & lead a happier life. It’s everyone’s duty to guide children to have a better living tomorrow.

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