Welcome to The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2017

TWCM is a five year old race held in December of every year, in Chennai. This year the race is to be held on Dec 11. United Way of Chennai (UWC) is the Sole charity partner for this Marathon TWCM. We are part of this event since 2012. UWC serves as the philanthropic platform helping other participating NGOs which has a large credibility and established statuary requirements that one would require for disbursement of charities. All funds raised through the TWCM platform are channelized through UWC which is responsible for the usage details, accounting and providing tax exemption receipts to all donors.

The Wipro Chennai Marathon gives one an opportunity to experience the joy of giving. The event acts as a platform to galvanize support from the society towards donating for a cause…. United Way Chennai is the charity partner for the Chennai Marathon that is held in Dec every year. Over the years, we have received tremendous support from the people of Chennai. Different people choose different ways to contribute to society – some choose to donate money, some choose to raise money by reaching out to their inner circle, some volunteer their time and skills. TWCM provides a platform for everyone to find a perfect match in terms of the manner in which they want to give back to society.


This year we have chosen a list of causes in the Education and Healthcare space that one can contribute to. For each of those causes, we have tied up with one or more NGOs who will implement the program on the ground.

Please visit http://www.thewiprochennaimarathon.com for further details about the event.

S.NoCauseNGOFund Raising Target
1 Cancer awareness, prevention and treatment Udhavum Ullangal Rs. 36 lakhs
2 Sanitation infrastructure in government schools and ongoing training for children on sanitation and hygiene United Way Chennai Rs. 60 lakhs
3 Equipment to enable VHS to perform free heart surgeries for 250 children every year Voluntary Health Services Rs. 80 lakhs
4 Support for people with disabilities Amar Seva Sangam Rs. 20 lakhs
5 Improving the quality of life for people with serious illnesses Dean Foundation Rs. 10 lakhs
Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) Rs. 10 lakhs
6 Targeted Skill development for special children aimed at improving their self-worth and dignity Vasantham Rs. 10 lakhs
Ramana Sunritya Aalaya (RASA) Rs. 8 lakhs
Sri Arunodayam Rs. 12 lakhs
Swabodhini Rs. 10 lakhs
V-Excel Educational Trust Rs. 20 lakhs
7 Holistic education and healthcare services to underprivileged children YRG Care Rs. 10 lakhs
Aide-et-Action Rs. 10 lakhs
Child Voice Rs. 10 lakhs
The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care Rs. 10 lakhs
8 Digital enablement of education for children in government schools AID India Rs. 15 lakhs
9 Improving quality of education for children in government schools Bhumi Rs. 10 lakhs
Teach For India Rs. 10 lakhs
10 Other United Way Chennai 2

The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2015

The funds raised over the previous years have been used for a wide variety of projects in the Education and Healthcare space. Key figures for the 2015 edition of the Marathon are given below: