Background and Objective: Lack of proper WASH facilities and low sanitation awareness are direct causes of students’ health problems and school dropouts (especially girls reaching age of puberty). Did you know that only 55% of schools in India have a useable girls toilet?
The objective of this project is to inculcate good sanitation practices in children, prevent health problems owing to poor sanitary conditions and reduce dropouts from schools (especially girls after attaining puberty) owing to lack of awareness and infrastructure. The infrastructure which will be built in accordance with UNICEF guidelines include:
  • User friendly Boys and girls toilets – Skid proof tiles, urinals that have enough space and offer privacy, safety features (once latched inside, cannot be latched outside etc;), free of water stagnation thereby ensuring disease free environment
  • Group handwashing stations – inside and outside the toilets
  • Re-use of water – All the used water and urine will be collected and reused for watering the trees in the school campus.
  • Incinerator for sanitary napkins in girls toilets
  • Bio decomposing pit to encourage students to be environment friendly
  • Ground level water reservoirs to ensure uninterrupted water supply

Old toilets 2

Revamped toilets

The children will be trained on hygiene and sessions on menstruation and menstrual hygiene will also be conducted to ensure higher awareness thereby reducing dropouts when girls attain puberty. Various students committees will also be created to ensure joint ownership driven model to ensure proper usage and maintenance of the toilets. It costs about Rs. 30 lakhs to implement a project of this nature for a school that has a strength of 1500 children. You can read more about a similar project that was implemented in Sholinganallur Govt. School here.

Fund-raising Target: Rs. 60 lakhs (for 2 schools)

About United Way Chennai:
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