To create an inclusive world where there are opportunities for everyone, there is no poverty; everyone has access to quality health care and education.

We will channelize the giving power of individuals & corporates by

  • Making people aware of the social issues in their communities and encouraging them to stay invested and connected to these causes, thus inspiring them to make a change.
  • Ensuring their contributions are directed effectively towards addressing the most pressing issues.
  • Setting the highest standards of integrity.


  • Ignite a worldwide social movement, and thereby mobilize millions to action-to give, advocate and volunteer to improve the conditions in which they live.
  • Galvanize and connect all sector of society, -individuals, businesses, non profit organizations and governments-to create long-term social change that produces healthy, well-educated and financially-stable individuals and families.
  • Raise, invest and leverage billions of funds annually in philanthropic contributions to create and support innovative programs and approaches to generate sustained impact in local communities.
  • Hold ourselves accountable to this cause through our steadfast commitment to continually measure-in real terms-improvement in education, income and health.