Background and Objective:

Everyone facing a serious illness will at some point in time need supportive care in addition to treatment for their condition. This helps the patient and their family to cope with their condition– from pre-diagnosis, through diagnosis and treatment, to cure, continuing illness or death. It helps the patient to maximise the benefits of treatment and to have the best quality of life as is possible with the effects of the disease.

Even today, Palliative Care reaches only about 1% of the population in India. It is our endeavour to ensure that good quality Palliative care is available to more people that require the same. You can read some sample work that we have done in the field of Palliative care in association with our NGO partners here.Palliative Care – Sample work


Fund-raising Target: Rs. 20 lakhs

NGO Partners:Dean Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society of India

About our partners:


Dean Foundation
They cater to those suffering from terminal irreversible advanced, incurable – both malignant and non-malignant – diseases like Cancer, AIDS, etc; in the city and surrounding districts of Chennai, the State of Tamilnadu, India, with no access to Palliative Care. Read more about Dean Foundation here
Multiple Sclerosis Society of India
The Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) is a patient support group that is dedicated to minimising the effects of multiple sclerosis, both on patients and their families, by aiding and assisting them in coping with the disease and meeting the challenges of daily living. The society is also actively involved in raising awareness about the disease. Read more about MSSI here