What is a United Way Organization?

  • A volunteer-led, non-profit organization
  • Located in a specific geographic community (For eg. United Way of Chennai will cater to the social needs of Tamilnadu)
  • That seeks and addresses the root causes of key issues, is accountable for stewardship of resources, is accountable for short-term & long-term results with reasonable impact
  • Has a corporate leadership and acquaintances

What is United Way Worldwide?

It commits to:

  • Help United Ways across the world to become more effective in their work (Capacity Building)
  • Ensure that our global network is accountable and trustworthy
  • Help local founding groups to grow with the global United Way network
  • Help donors with international interests practice intelligent philanthropy

It is a lean effective organization

  • Governed by a 20-25 person board representing 7-10 countries
  • Run by 20-25 people, speaking 10 languages
  • Working with a $2-3 million operating budget

What is the global legacy of United Way today?

  • United Way has a 100 year history of improving lives
  • Volunteers and partners work in 47 countries
  • 3,000+ local United Ways in the world
  • Raises $5+ billion, from 17 million donors annually
  • $900 million is raised from outside the US
  • Best practices are shared across the globe
  • Priorities are based on local requirements

What sets United Way apart?

  • Volunteers at the heart of United Way Movement
  • Network is international; decisions and actions are local
  • Dedicated to long-term, systemic improvement
  • Achieve objectives through a process-driven approach
  • Transparency and accountability in all we do
  • Involve all sections of the community
  • Build capacity of recipient partners
  • Not more than 10% of donations used for Organization overheads

What is the history and future road-map of United Way in India?

  • United Way of Baroda set up in 1986
  • United Way of Mumbai set up in 2002
  • United Way of Bengaluru first to be set up in 2008
  • United Way of Delhi and of Hubli-Dharwad also set up in 2008
  • United Way of Chennai set up in 2010
  • United Way of Kolkata set up in 2011
  • 7 new Chapters planned in the next 2 years
  • A pan-India presence planned

What is the current status of United Way of Chennai?

  • Registered on 12th of January 2010
  • Distinguished Board, with the most high techs of the Chennai region
    • Committed to a variety of community initiatives in :

    • Disability
    • Education
    • Health
    • Environment
    • Livelihood
  • Set-up costs for 3 years covered through a generous grant

What are the United Way of Chennai Programs?

  • Born Learning Campaign: Aimed at making children in the age group of 0-6 years school ready
  • Holistic School Development: Providing accessible infrastructure, health and sanitation facilities to the school along with imparting life skills to the students
  • Waterbody Rejuvenation: Collaborating with corporate companies and local bodies to carry out lake rejuvenation and tree plantation programmes
  • Community Water Plant Set-Up: Install safe drinking water plants within communities, thus reducing their dependence on  packaged drinking water
  • Disability projects: Projects focussing on early detection of childhood disability, employability of people with disabilities, parasports, accessibility and providing quality assistive devices.

Through what web links can we further research United Way?