Dr.Mrs. Lakshmi Sundar

I am a medical doctor and I head the department of preventive foot care at Dr. A. Ramachandran’s diabetes hospitals.

As a child my dream was to run. I used to wonder if at some point in life I would be able to run a few hundred meters, climb stairs without gasping for breath. I was born with a congenital heart disease. I got operated when I was in my final year of medical school. I was born in a middle class educated family. I grew up in a small town and hence the access to good medical care was limited. Both my parents were highly generous individuals, they never believed in accumulating wealth, only wanted all their 10 children to have good education.READ MORE

Mr. M.E Thyagarajan

First, I thank this team for bringing me into this charity world through running & United way. Yes, last year was an amazing year for me, both in running & fund raising.

I Feel delighted to be considered for the feedback on Charity. Yes, it gives me a sense of satisfaction that we are fortunate to be on the helping end.
To me, this is something more than happiness & joy.
Many thanks & wishes for the entire team on supporting for a good cause.

Mr. ChinniKrishnan

TWCM 2013 was my first run for Charity. It was also my 3rd full marathon, and I was very keen that I use my running to make a difference to the lives of Children who needed help. The online fund raising platform made the job of fund raising quite easy. Quite a few of my friends, family and colleagues who have encouraged my running over the years chipped in readily and with a decent contribution from me, I had raised a decent corpus.

In the run-up to the marathon, I got injured (due to over training, what else J), and as I pulled myself through a painfully slow rehab, the one thought that sustained me was that I should not let down the donors who have backed me and Children who benefit from my fund-raising. Shin-splints are quite painful, and it made even walking a challenge. But I persevered. I completely cut down on my running lest I damage my legs further.. as I felt better did a couple of 5K runs in the last week and declared myself fit J. On the eve of the marathon, I went to my physio and got my legs taped to protect my shins.

Come race day, I decided on a slow pace to give myself a fighting chance of finishing the run. The strategy worked very well for the first 25 KMs, and I grew very confident. As I entered the IIT campus for the reminder of the race, the pain returned and I meandered around for a few KMs before I gathered myself. I kept reminding myself that I am running for a noble cause and I need to get my act together. You do need a sense of purpose and this was it. I finished the race in a respectable time and it is very difficult to describe the elation I felt on finishing the race which went truly beyond the runner’s high.

I am once again running the full marathon at the TWCM 2014, and yes, I am running for Charity.