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United Way Worlwide’s Day of Action is one great day of giving back. It’s the largest day of volunteering in the state with more than 10,000 volunteers, all working on different community projects in different areas at the same time.
United Way of Chennai is conducting this event on the 21st June 2014. On this day we will be teaming up with several corporates in Chennai. Each corporate will be assigned a location which they will clean up and beautify. This event is not just about cleaning up the place alone, but is also about completely transforming the whole area.
The event is to essentially promote the spirit and value of volunteerism, increase the awareness of local human service and demonstrate what people working together for the community’s good can accomplish. In addition to that it also contributes towards the environment and educating people on how to keep their surroundings clean and maintain a better area to live in.
Chennai has slowly over the years become dirty as people have started littering the city like it’s a large dustbin. With no one clearing the litter the city is becoming more and more dirty, unhealthy and unhygienic to live in, not to forget the smell caused by the rotting dirt. Initiative such as United Way of Chennai’s Day of Action is a small step in cleaning up the city and beautifying it. As the saying goes ‘Little drops of water, make a
mighty ocean’ we are looking to bring about a huge change in the city and alter the outlook of people when it comes maintaining the city clean.

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