Teachers Training Program

Organized by : Win Training
Supported by: UNITEDWAY, Chennai

Mr. Ashiwn of Win Training centre conducted training program for the Teaching staff of HOPE foundation Nursery and Primary School, Pudupattinam Fishermen colony near kalpakkam. Few teachers from nearby schools also attended the program. Totally about 15 teachers attended the program, many of them have attended such training for first time in their life. Even though they were very hesitant to communicate on the first day they got over time. The teachers were able to get internalize, take responsibility & commit towards positive change.

The training was based on the following subjects:

  • Meditation
  • Success Psychology
  • Soft skills
  • Negotiation & Interpersonal skills

Program started with welcome speech and introduction by the HOPE program coordinator followed by self introduction of the teachers and an audio video presentation about “achieving the goal”.

Mr. Ashwin, lead the staff to experience “Mediation” about 15 minutes with audio support , He explained about the importance of daily mediation and its benefits. Many of the teachers experienced the meditation for the first time in their life. They also had chance to see the video presentation called “Spiritual Journey” which narrated the way we need to meditate.

Success Psychology
With this session, the teachers were able to understand self belief and its inner gain, thereby to remove the mental block, take it forward with decision making etc.
Staffs were also able to learn how to think positively in all the situations. Mr. Ashwin helped the staff to identify temperament of each individual (students and parents) and understand mindset of children and parents which will help them to have positive interactions.

Soft Skills

  • Communication, negotiation and inter personal skills, work life balance etc.,
  • The teachers were able to internalize, take responsibility & commit towards positive change
  • Key skills like decision making, team work and problem solving
  • Understanding children mindset & parental care
  • Question & Answer session – The teachers cleared their doubts/problems, how to handle the children with behaviour problems
  • How to handle the parents with discussions on their personal issues etc.,


Teachers Feedback
“Training helped me to take care of the children with learning disability”Vanathi
“I have learnt to interact with the parents in a positive way”Prasannakumari
“All of us have good thoughts and good power within us but we need to use in positive way”Vani
“Meditation will help us to start a day with lots of focus and self control”Nalini
“This training is very useful to live a positive life and communicate in a positive way”Thanigai