page-0UWC’s yearly “Post Budget Analysis” has been held immediately after the Union Budget presentation.

Since this being an election year, a theme different from the budget analysis has been chosen, keeping in mind the impending elections and the possible implications for the economy; a theme that will attract and engage the target audience – high net worth individuals and investors.



Socio-Political & Economic Trends – Impact on the Indian Economic Machine


Why this theme?

The general elections to be held in 2014 have generated a lot of interest. The current economic environment has been impacted by governance issues and leading to investments in the economy being held back by multiple stakeholders. As the elections approach and a new government takes charge investors and business will have to assess macro focus that the new government will bring and marry it with other macro trends while taking decisions.

The focus of Indian businesses and investors has been on the recently concluded state election results in five states and the upcoming general elections. However other major global events in the form of Fed ‘taper’ under Janet Yellen’s leadership, a new member in the euro currency bloc, elections in four of the ‘Fragile Five’ nations, civil uprising in Syria, etc. are expected to have a significant bearing on the global investment landscape.

In this regard, an event that focuses on the socio-political environment prevailing and the potential scenarios, will be of interest to investors. They key note speaker – a socio political expert, can set the tone with his speech on the current scenario and the guest speakers – a former RBI deputy governor and a leading fund manager, can link it up to the implications for the economy and asset markets.




swamiMr. Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar, prolific columnist, renowned commentator and senior journalist has kindly consented to deliver the key note address at the event. He is currently Consulting Editor of The Economics Times and a research scholar at The Cato Institute. Mr.Aiyar is well known for his popular weekly column titled “Swaminomics” in the Times of India. He is the author of “Escape From The Benevolent Zookeepers – The Best Of Swaminomics” and has been called “India’s leading economic journalist” by Stephen Cohen of the Brookings Institution. He has been the editor of India’s two biggest financial dailies, The Economic Times and Financial Express, and was also the India correspondent of The Economist for two decades. Mr.Aiyar has been a consultant to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.


Mr. Swaminathan Aiyar will address the gathering on:

  • Socio-economic landscape of the nation, recent changes, trends in the political arena and near & long term impact on India’s evolving economic model.
  • Trends in the economy & political scenario – Immediate and long term
  • Interplay between the political and economic scenario & its evolution going forward
  • Expectation from the new political dispensation and likely response of corporates and investors



Mrsubir. Subir Gokarn has completed a term as deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India in the recent past. He is now Director of Research at Brookings India, an independent think tank. He is currently also a member of the National Security Advisory Board of India and a columnist with the Business Standard. He was previously chief economist of Standard & Poor’s Asia-Pacific from 2007-09 and executive director and chief economist of CRISIL from 2004-07. He served as chief economist at the think tank National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) in New Delhi from 1999-2002.


Mr. Subir Gokarn will address the gathering on:

  • Trends in global & domestic macro landscape and the response of policy makers with specific reference to India.

Mr. Gokran can further articulate his scenarios for the Indian economy.

  • Way forward for emerging market economies & India in particular.
  • Impact of US economic policy on rest of the world – Especially the shrinking dollar supply
  • Global central bank behaviour
  • Impact on Indian economy and scenarios



narenMr. Sankaran Naren, Chief Investment Officer, ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company, will be guest speaker at the event, giving an overview on the possible impact of elections on capital markets. An eloquent speaker, Mr.Naren is known for his simple yet efficient style of sharing views on the market.



Mr. Sankaren Naren will address the gathering on:

  • Investment landscape in India, valuation of various asset classes and potential capital market scenarios.
  • Indian / Global asset valuations
  • Investor behaviour in the Indian context and its implications
  • Indian market outlook and key determinants



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