A Grand Adventure is about to begin…
Chennai – A city that truly deserves to celebrate it’s birthday turns 378 this year!!

After a successful exibit of transforming Chennai into a smart city in 2016, UWC in partnership with ‘The Hindu In Schools’ is back with yet another edition of Dream Madras an inter dream contest, wherein diffrent schools comlete against each other with their dreams about making the streets of Chennai safer.An opportunity for students to unleash their creativity & enhace their skills.

This year to make the streets of our city Safe & accessible for all users- Bicyclists, Children, Motorists, Transit riders and Pedestrians where collisions & casualties can be prevented, Dream Madras 2017 works on the theme “SAFE STREETS”

If you are passionate about making the streets safe for all, take part in the Dream Madras 2017 Challenge.

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