Celebrating the past. Creating the future.

Greetings to the proud citizens of a historic city.
Every one of us has a unique reason to be proud of Chennai. This piece of land, once popular as Madras, is synonymous with rich heritage and historic significance. The city has always been a subject of admiration and living in Chennai has been a huge source of comfort for Tamil‐speaking people over the decades, offering them a variety of reasons to celebrate. And here’s one more.

The city celebrates its 375 birthday
The Madras Day is celebrated on August 22 every year, commemorating the birth of the city. But a great city needs celebrations that befit its stature – like ‘Celebrate Madras 2013’, an occasion where the spirit of the entire city rises up for a blockbuster celebration for an entire week, from August 18 to 25. Today, as we celebrate the richness of yesterday, we also wish to see our ‘tomorrow’. And what better way to see the future than joining hands with your students, the creators of tomorrow? Every child grows up with two dreams – one for his/her personal life and the other for society. While everyone nurtures the former, we create a space to bring alive the latter.

Dream Madras Exhibition
Here’s a great inter‐school contest, where different schools compete with one another and showcase their dreams about the city. Show us how your students wish to see Madras in 2030, win exciting prizes and also a chance to become the talk of the city. A part of our initiative ‘Celebrate Madras 2013’, this is an opportunity for students to unleash their creativity and also an experiential platform to improve their knowledge bank.
An octonorm stall space of 3m x 2m will be provided with 2 tables (6×2 ft) and power supply. The students can express their dreams through different elements, for instance posters, chartwork, banners, thermocol models, graffiti, fabric art, papercraft, woodwork, clay artifacts, photographs, recycled waste art or any out-of-the-box medium. Your stall could also have an audio-visual, a PowerPoint presentation or even interactive games and activities conducted by students based on the theme Madras 2030.
The best dream will be judged primarily on the idea/message that is being conveyed through the stall. Other parameters such as creativity, presentation skills, cleanliness and rationalization of the idea will increase your chances of winning. The top three schools take home trophies and individual gifts for the team members. The jury comprises senior veterans from the field of education, journalism and science.
So make sure you impress them with your innovative thoughts and vivid dreams!

UWC is a non‐profit organization and a part of the global social movement – United Way Worldwide, operating in over 46 countries. It facilitates the development of community service projects by acting as an intermediary between the corporate and the development sector. UWC has been improving the lives of communities in Chennai since 2010 by focusing on education, income and health.

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