Background and Objective:

Congenital Heart disease affects 8 out of 1000 new-borns in India and its prevalence is higher in people belonging to the lower economic strata of society. Out of this 8, at least 2 to 3 infants require some intervention in the first month of life. The earlier the intervention, the better the outcome. While antenatal scans can detect defects in the foetus, only 30% population have access to this.

The average cost for surgery is Rs.1 to 1.25 lakhs – the cost of equipment contributing to Rs.45,000 towards the same. Through your donations we intend to cover the cost of equipment and the rest Rs. 80,000 can be covered under the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Insurance Scheme.
It is proposed to set up a paediatric cardiac surgical unit at VHS campus in Taramani, Chennai. A trained and competent team (from Sri Ramachandra Medical University and Malar Hospitals) comprising a paediatric cardiac surgeon, cardiologist and intensivist will run the unit. Besides these personnel, the unit will also employ a cardiac pefusionist, trained nurses in the operating room, intensive care unit (ICU) and the wards. The unit will be supported by the VHS administrative body and will have the ancillary services of the hospital at its disposal.

Fund-raising Target: Rs. 80 lakhs

NGO Partner:Voluntary Health Services, Chennai

About VHS

Dr K S Sanjivi envisaged and made available health and medical services to the poorest of the poor through the establishment of the Voluntary Health Services in 1958.   The underlying ethos of VHS is that of prevention and cure of serious illness, fostering of the family as a unit for medical care, and facilitating active community participation in the provision of a continuum of health care, with special reference to disadvantaged groups such as women, children and elderly. Learn more

What will your donation be used for:

The funds raised will be used to purchase equipment like monitors, syringe pumps, infusion pumps, Heart lung machine, vaporizer, anaesthesia machine etc;