Background and Objective:

Our objective is to increase conceptual understanding and analytical thinking of children thereby reducing school dropouts and improving pass percentage. A study conducted by AID India found significant improvement in children’s skills levels in centres where tablets are used especially when explaining higher level concepts and in improving speed and accuracy in Math.
With the help of your donation, we will support AID India’s flagship program – Eureka SuperKidz. The Eureka SuperKidz (ESK) program focuses on improving the basic skill levels of students of classes 3rd to 8th in Tamil, English and Maths. In 2015, a tablet program was launched at ESK centres, where tablets loaded with Math apps and procedure videos, and English phonics-based audio and video files are provided for use of children enrolled at the centres. The tablets proved especially useful for helping children learn how to read phonetically.

Fund-raising Target: Rs. 15 lakhs

NGO Partner: AID India

What your donation will be used for:

  • Supporting 2 local tutors in each village for running daily after-school classes for 2 ½ hours for underprivileged children in standards 3-8
  • Providing a premises that is conducive for learning with proper lighting and ventilation in the villages
  • Providing colourful and attractive materials in Tamil, Math and English along with per child worksheets and workbooks for skill reinforcement
  • Procurement of tablets to facilitate learning of advanced skills in Math and English
  • Development of advanced content in Math and English through apps and videos to promote learning through tablets
  • Training and capacity building of tutors on usage of tablets to teach advanced skills
  • Evaluation and review of the progress made by the children using digital tools
  • Village level declaration events to showcase the learning of children using tablets

About AID India

AID India is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996, by a group of IIT and BITS alumni who quit corporate careers to work on various development initiatives. AID India’s education initiative ‘EurekaChild’, where ‘Eureka’ represents the spirit of discovery, focuses primarily on education quality improvement programs in Tamilnadu. All AID INDIA’s projects aim to instill this strength in every child. Read more about AID India here.