As a runner, how do I run for Charity?

  • Register yourself as a runner at
  • Make sure you choose ‘YES’ for the question ‘Do you want to run for charity’.
  • Upon completing registration, you will receive an email with a link that can be shared with your friends, well-wishers and seek contributions.
  • Your friends can use the link shared to make donations towards a charity of your choice.

I have already registered as a runner at How do I now run for Charity?

  • You will soon receive an email from United Way of Chennai, inviting you to express your interest to run for Charity.
  • Click the link, fill up the form and you would be registered.
  • Upon completing registration, you will receive an email with 2 links.
  • The First link, is the link to the runner page, which will enable you to choose a favorite charity from the list of approved Charities; this runner page, also allows you to see, how much money you have raised so far.
  • The second link, is the one that can be shared with your friends, well-wishers and seek contributions.
  • You and Your friends, can use the link shared, to make donations towards a charity of your choice.
  • For Guidelines to use the charity platform, please use this document.

How do I track money I am raising for my Charity?

As a registered runner:

  • You can check your runner page (see the email from UWC for the link to your personalized runner page) for complete details of the money you have collected.
  • Moreover, you will receive an email every time a friend / well-wisher contributes money for your favorite charity through you.

How will the Contributor know that the money he/she has raised is accounted against the correct runner?

  • The Contribution Link for each runner is personalized.
  • When any contributor (it could be you, your friend / family / well-wisher) clicks on the link you have shared, the runner’s name would be pre-filled.
  • The Contributor would have to share their name, email ID and the amount they want to contribute.
  • On clicking, it would take the user to the HDFC Payment Gateway.
  • Please follow the instructions to pay with your Credit / Debit Card / Internet payment Gateway.
  • On successful completion, the contributor will get an email and a message on the site with a unique transaction ID.
  • The runner will also get an email.

What happens if my bank account gets debited and the transaction is not successful?

Can I receive contributions from overseas?

  • Yes you can.

Do I get 80G tax exemption certificates for the donations I make?

  • The 80G certificate would be issued to the Contributor who makes the donation.

When do registrations close?

How much of the raised money would reach the Charity?

Money reaches the Charity from two potential sources:

  • When a runner registers with TWCM, he or she pays a registration fee. This  registration fee  goes to Chennai Runners to cover the costs of the Marathon.If the runner has paid anything above the registration amount, then that goes to the corpus fund with the United Way of Chennai. In the premium registration the runner pays Rs. 2000/- Here the registration amount,Rs. 800 goes to Chennai Runners and the balance Rs. 1200/- goes to the Corpus fund of UWC.
  • 90% of all the money that is given by Contributors who are sponsoring a registered runner, goes directly to the Charity of the runner’s choice. The remaining 10% goes into a corpus fund with United Way of Chennai.

Where does the UWC 10% share go?

The monies that accumulate in the corpus fund with United Way of Chennai will in turn, be donated as grants to a range of charities that are registered with UWC.