“I am a native of AP, and I have one brother and sister. My sister is a typical house wife and my brother works as a driver. My father is a barber, but I am the first graduate in the family. I feel different and wanted. My parents are very proud of me that I work in an M&C”


Says with tears “I am an orphan, lost my mother when I was young, my father remarried and I was ill treated by my step mother. However now have my sister’s support. I can confidently say that the training has made me feel that I am potential, so much so that I refused to wear my ID card until I was made permanent. My mentor was coaxing me throughout the intensive training, aiming towards effective completion”.


“I feel proud that as the oldest I am able to lead the family even though I am physically challenged. My sister is recently married and I was able to buy jewels for her. I did feel sleepless especially the last part of the training, whether I would be recruited or not. However today I feel that this competition made me feel my worth. I am very thankful to WORTH TRUST who has sent three of us, while all of us have been imbibed”.


“My father is a carpenter but I am a computer specialist and the thought makes me feel great. My father loves me and over cares for me, but today it is the other way round that I am able to take care of my father”.


“I have specialised in quality check and my previous experiences have helped me excel here. It is sad that I had been in three jobs previously and in all the places either I was underpaid or no payment after my services were utilised. That was because I am physically challenged. My worth is recognised here and what please me are the infrastructural changes to be user friendly to my condition. I am also thankful to my mentor who used to allow me call on him on a Sunday even”.


“I am an engineer with a specialisation in EEE, but went through an apprentice for electric work because no one gave me a job. Later to get a government job, brokers asked me for 10L, but thankfully I realised it was not worth. On the contrary I am very happy that my skills were recognised here, also motivated me to complete my three month training. Today I am in a position to help my sister get married”.

Feed Back:

  • Gained self confidence
  • Motivated and backed
  • Realised self worth
  • Battled competitive spirit
  • Helped & supported each other
  • Proud winners
  • Worked the hard way out
  •  Met with challenges
  • Made use of the opportunity
  • Family care giver and taker
  • Accomplisher & Achiever
  • Learner & Implementer
  • Imbiber and Executor
  • Effective Challenger

Will be happy if you give boarding,lodging and transport to forthcoming candidates!!! This is our plea!!!