The families of Nungampakkam village in Thiruvallur district had been dependent on the only pond in their locality for a very long time, till the day that it almost dried up. Few months down the line, one couldn’t even tell if a pond that existed there. The place was covered with grass, bushes and shrubs ultimately serving no purpose to the people like earlier times. Being considered as one of the oldest ponds in the locality, the Nungampakkam pond was in dire need of interventions to be revived it to its original state.

However, we have turned the story around today. More than 700 families are looking forward to the monsoon later this year after we took up the task of taking the pond back to its original state.

So, what did we do? We desited and levelled the pond in a manner that will promote retention of water during/after the rains. The native water lilies have been retained and the invasive plants have been cleared from the pond bed and embankments. This will promote the growth of enriching flora and fauna. We have constructed steps for ease of use with walkways around the pond. Solar fixtures have been installed along the walking path.

More than 700 families around the Nungampakkam pond will now benefit from this rejuvenated water body in Thiruvallur. Cattle and poultry belonging to the village will have a place to quench their thirst. The ground water levels will see improvement after the monsoons set in. This is the first and foremost step towards ending a brewing water war in our vicinity. United Way Chennai is glad to have partnered with Caterpillar India for this transformative environment project in and around Thiruvallur and Hosur.

Waterbody revival and rejuvenation is one of the prime focus areas of United Way Chennai. Our expertise lies in employing scientifically tested methods of conservation when it comes to reviving lakes and ponds.