An Anganwadi in the Chetpet area of Chennai was in disuse for the past 6 years. What would have been a bustling activity centre for the kids of the nearby community was lying vacant without proper infrastructure. In the beginning of 2017, United Way Chennai identified this Anganwadi and refurbished the place and facility with support from HT Parekh Foundation.

We strongly believe that the functioning of the Anganwadi is dependent on much more than just the infrastructure. The community plays a key role. We formed an 11 member ‘child development committee’ to enable community integration and support to the Anganwadis for optimal functioning.

The main component of the Born Learning program includes engagement with the children in the age group of 0-6 years. The teachers, parents, facilitators and the larger community are also involved actively. We create awareness in the community on the factors affecting the school readiness and learning outcomes in children, from their birth to 6 years.

The programme puts easy-to-understand, research-driven resources into the hands of families, caregivers, community leaders and policymakers, including:
• Educational materials and products that make it simple and easy for parents, grandparents, informal caregivers and professional child care providers to understand child development and use “everyday moments” to help children become school-ready.
•Public awareness, mobilization strategies and tools that support and accelerate a community’s early learning goals.

Most early childhood initiatives target either parents or policymakers. Born Learning equips communities to do both.