How does United Way of India work in disaster response and rehabilitation?
United Way of India (UWI) has over the years through its vast experience in disasters gained expertise in responding to not only the immediate needs but also the long term rehabilitation and recovery. UWI’s response is based on the real needs of the people identified through on-ground assessments conducted by its Disaster Response team in collaboration with local government, NGO partners and local community. By analyzing the extent of loss and damage and corresponding resilience of the people, UWI positions itself to provide immediate relief immediately followed by a comprehensive need based strategy for re-building lives of the affected people.

UWI involves the local community and seeks their views at every stage of the program design, implementation and evaluation thereby ensuring that local community plays an active role in their own recovery.

What is the best way to help UWI’s response to a disaster?

Monetary donations online or offline to United Way Disaster Response Fund-India (UWDRF-I) are the best, as they allow UWI to respond quickly in the immediate aftermath of the disaster when survivors need the most help. UWI aims to source its intervention locally so that the most essential relief goods, such as medicines, temporary shelter, tools, clothing, blankets, and latrines can be made available immediately. Sourcing them locally not only helps provide these items quickly but also helps stimulate the economy in the disaster area. Often, unsolicited goods (such as used clothes, canned goods, etc.) clog transportation routes and increase cost of logistics thereby delaying the supply of crucial relief materials.

Likewise, UWI long term recovery interventions are cost intensive and requires larger fund which may require crowd sourcing. The donations generated through (UWDRF-I) is used for long-term interventions like reconstruction of houses/schools, livelihood regeneration programs, education enhancement, preventive health care, post- disaster counseling, disaster preparedness, etc. with a special focus on women, children and elderly.

How can I donate to or help UWI?

You can assist UWI with your donations and communicate about our appeal within your network. If you would like to donate to UWI, you have options of online or offline donation.

  • Online Donations:

United Way of Chennai has set up a donation link on behalf of all United Ways in India, specifically for the United Way Disaster Response fund. All the Caterpillar employees use the dedicated online giving facility created by UWI specifically for Caterpillar. Please click here:

  • All Domestic and Foreign Contributions by Cheque/ Demand Draft:

Cheque and DD’s can be drawn in favor of ‘United Way of India’ and sent to: United Way of India- 309, Nirman Kendra, Famous Studio Lane, Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi Estate, Mumbai 400011, India

(You are requested to share your details such as; full name, residential/ work address, PAN No., email id, contact number along with a supporting note mentioning that the amount is donated towards United Way Disaster response Fund- Jammu & Kashmir Floods).

How do I ensure that my donation for UWI is utilized properly?

To assure complete transparency to our donors/stakeholders, UWI will send regular updates regarding the project details and fund utilization reports to Caterpillars Human Resource/ CSR Department.

What information will be sent to me?

We will send communication material every quarter to Caterpillar, providing updates on program activities and sharing success stories from UWI’s work supported by your donations.

Is my donation tax-exempt?

Yes, all contributions to UWI are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act.

What documents will I receive to avail the Tax benefits?

UWI will issue a certificate to the donor for all contributions & receipts under Section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act (subject to realization of the actual amounts)