The magnitude of the problem of cancer in India is reflected in the annual burden. The incidence rates have grown from over 700 new cases per million to nearly 900 new cases per million people. Common cancers in women are uterine cervical cancer, breast and oral cancer (accounts for 60% of all cancers in women). Among men, 40% of cancers are tobacco related. Today, although, we have the potential and expertise to cure 2 out of 3 of the common cancers, we are curing only 1 out of 3. The major obstacle to early detection is the unfounded fear of cancer, lack of awareness about cancer that these common cancers are not only curable in the early stage but preventable. Prevention is better than cure. The thrust area in cancer control is cancer education, awareness about cancer, early detection and prevention

NGO Partner: Udhavum Ullangal

Fund-raising Target: Rs. 36 lakhs

Udhavum Ullangal is a public charitable trust established in 2000 and has reached out to over 5,00,000 people in Tamilnadu. The focus area for Udhavum Ullangal has been in the area of Healthcare (Cancer awareness and prevention) and in Education. Tirunelveli district in southern Tamil Nadu has high rates of oral, breast and cervical cancers due to the prevalence of cancer risk factors such as lack of awareness, tobacco Industry (beedi rollers) and unhealthy lifestyle.ReadMore

Link to Dr. Shantha’s (Adyar Cancer Institute) letter of support for Udhavum Ullangal