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United Way of Chennai Balance Sheet (2016-2017)

United Way of Chennai Annual Report and Balance Sheet (2015-2016)

United Way of Chennai Activities (2012-13)

United Way of Chennai had a successful 2012 – 13 with the following activities and related achievements.

I.“Global Talent -The Leadership Differentiator” Business meet October 24th 2012: A business meet was organized by United Way of Chennai with Caterpillar India in coordination with the National Human Resource Development Network (NHRD) at the Park Sheraton Chennai. Ms. Kim Hauer, Chief HR Officer and Vice President of Caterpillar was the key note speaker for the program joined by Ms. Meena Sinha of RR Donnelley, Mr. Sriram Rajagopal of Cognizant Technology Solutions and Mr. Soundararajan of NOKIA India Pvt. Ltd as panelists.

Achievements: United Way of Chennai benefits in getting introduced to NHRD and there by paved way to their corporate associates. We also had an opportunity to market our “Chennai Marathon” that was to take place on December 12th 2012. It was the first time United Way of Chennai was associating with the event as the only charity partner.

How did we move forward from here?

  • Visibility to United Way of Chennai midst 25 new corporate houses.
  • 15 corporate’s out of the 25 new ones took part in the Chennai Marathon 2012.
  • Companies are interested in holding such business meets – NOKIA has fixed with United Way of Chennai to have a HR meet this year just before the Chennai Marathon 2013.

II.United Way of Chennai recognized the help rendered by the corporate’s help and organized a thank you dinner for them in “Park Sheraton” on the 28thof November. Nearly 25 corporates turned out to sign a pledge board to support the various causes that United Way of Chennai was catering to.

Achievements: It had a great impact with enormous visibility for United Way of Chennai midst the various corporate houses. The top corporate officers attended the meet, who were familiarized about United Way of Chennai, which also created an opportunity for an excellent network meeting.

How do we move forward?

  • Companies came forward to collaborate with RR Donnelley with their efforts to identify, train and place the otherwise abled people with corporate sectors.
  • Companies were serious in not only registering for the marathon but to ensure that majority of the registrants turn up on the marathon date.

III.Chennai Marathon: Around 2500 corporate runners were registered through United Way of Chennai for the marathon that had a total of nearly 6500 runners running for the year. CEO’s run was the first of its kind, well accepted within a regular marathon where in all CEO’s ran for nearly 2 kilometers as a good will for the cause. Nearly 34 CEO’s took part, while we could have had more participating, unfortunately the road closure and traffic jam suspended many of the leading CEO’s to enter IIT campus for the marathon. Collected nearly 45Laks of Rupees in total through the Marathon.

How do we move forward: Concise our targets for the coming year qualify our need based causes, approach more corporate houses, early registrations, more CEO’s to take part and motivation for maximum participants to take part in the marathon?

IV.“Live a brighter Life” is a workshop that was suggested by United Way Worldwide to United Way of Chennai for having it conducted for NGOs who work with women and violence against women in particular. UWC invited The International Prevention for Crime Protection and Victim Care (PCVC) to jointly hold this meeting and their partner NGOs were invited.

We also had a few doctors and individuals who were well placed in life but were victims of domestic violence also attending the workshop. This took through our name to several other NGOs who work with women in particular. Ms. Indrani Goradia was the facilitator and the think tank behind this initiative.

How do we take it forward: Ms. Indrani Goradia will be conducting feedback interviews with the participants who have already attended this workshop on the workable strategies for violence against women?

V.UWC was invited by the Starwoods group to coordinate their CSR initiatives with Westin hotels that had recently begun in Chennai. They were the hospitality partners for the Chennai Marathon too.  UWC introduced an NGO by the name of Community Health, Education and Society (CHESS) an orphanage who helps the HIV infected and affected children to celebrate Christmas at the West in with their staff members. United Way of Chennai opted to help CHESS in some way with our acquaintance. As a token of gesture Westin had come forward to host the United Way board meets during Mr. Brian Gallagher and his team’s visit from United Way Worldwide.

Way forward: UWC will continue to help Westin with an annual CSR Program.

VI.One of our pet projects of UWC is to identify, train and place the otherwise able with the corporate sector.We have had nearly 100 disabled who were trained and placed with corporate sector such as GE, Hinduja, Kotak Mahindra, ISGN, Murugappa, RRD etc. RRD had conducted the training as part of their Udaya CSR initiative. This pilot project has now caught up with other companies like GE and hopefully they will be training a few batches too. UWC along with RRD will carry this initiative forward with other corporate sectors. HCL has come forward to implement the same along with the help of UWC in the rural and semi urban sectors.

Way forward: United Way of Chennai will enhance the current numbers of beneficiaries (otherwise able) to nearly 500 in the year 2013.

VII.This is the third successive year that United Way of Chennai is holding the Post Budget Analysis a fund raising business meet with the backup of financial institutions. Sponsorships have been growing over the years, while we just had one or two sponsors during the first year. During our third year we of the business meet United Way of Chennai was able to get 11 such sponsors and had collected nearly 30 Laks of INR. It has become an annual signature event and people look forward to the same. The program has gained momentum over the years.

Way forward: United Way of Chennai has planned to carry forward this business meet as a signature event in the coming years towards fund raising.

VIII.Internship with United Way of Chennai: Three interns were placed with United Way of Chennai from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. They have worked in the areas of analysis and exposure visits. They also audited the NGOs funded by United Way of Chennai, analyzed a few viable projects like the students united way and paved way for a beginning.

Way forward: United Way of Chennai will work with interns to strategize welfare projects and help them add more value to our current projects and events.

XI.FICCI – United Way of Chennai CSR Meet was conducted on the (28th January 2013) mainly to connect with industries and debate the decision on the mandatory expenditure of 2% on CSR (a recent bill passed in the Parliament) meant for industries – a worthwhile opportunity for United Way of Chennai. There were panel discussions and individual presentations on global CSR reporting, CSR in the current scenario and government officers talking about corporate governance and mandatory CSR expenditures from their company profits.

Way forward: To hold a CSR conclave to connect NGOs and business units.

X.Employee Engagement from Corporate Houses: Employees volunteer their time and money. Bank of America has partnered with United Way of Chennai in employee giving and employee volunteering.  Two projects have been supported jointly so far.We are in the process of setting right the steps required for an employee giving although we have had several challenges to implement this program. Employees have come forward to receive our help in gaining insight of how we should be choosing an NGO and why should it be done etc.

Way forward: Increasing the target of corporate giving by 50% more during the current financial year.

Employee Volunteering with GE:  United Way of Chennai involved the employees with the NGOs that we support and associate with and with their programs either funded or not funded by United Way of Chennai. GE employees were also associated with motivational talks given by the NGOs (Tamilnadu Handicapped Federation for the physically handicapped) for their volunteers in the company. Exposure visits by volunteers to Madhuram Narayanan Center for the physically handicapped was conducted and the volunteers volunteered to design their Montessori and to design their communication materials.

Family Day was conducted by the GE volunteers on the 7thof March 2013 and NGOs were invited to display and showcase their work at the GE Premises. This entire event with NGO participation was organized by United Way of Chenni for GE.

Way forward: To increase the employee volunteering among corporate’s to 1000 during the current year.

XI.Fund Disbursement by United Way of Chennai:

    1. United Way of Chennai has supported two schools and two observational homes in Tamilnadu with 30 computers.

United Way has funded the following organizations to the tune of nearly 1 crore of Indian Rupees.

  1. Indian Association for the Blind Madurai – For starting a finishing school for 100 visually impaired children who will be trained on skills to compete and qualify for civil service examinations and other competitive examinations along with placements.
  2. Isha Outreach – United Way of Chennai will be helping them with educational related programs for underprivileged children.
  3. Madhuram Narayanan Center for the Exceptional Children – The center provides early intervention services to children with developmental delays, mental retardation and other multiple diseases. United Way of Chennai will be assisting the center in establishing a Montessori for special children. This center has been funded twice in the past.
  4. The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu – They empower and enable disable people to reach their full potential through education, Training and Employment. United Way of Chennai is enabling them to set up a play area for these special children who require help with motor stability.
  5. V-Excel – They are committed to enriching quality of education by ensuring right learning inputs to children across ability levels. United Way of Chennai will be supporting them by providing standardized class room materials for their upcoming school building.
  6. Vidhya and Child – In Delhi they reach out to children from low income families. United Way of Chennai will be supporting 25 underprivileged children of theirs with school fees to complete their education.
  7. Tamilnadu Federation for Handicapped Trust – They help out the otherwise able with human rights grievances, education, employment and other welfare schemes. United Way of Chennai has helped the Trust to identify 500 children with disabilities to enhance their education and health aspects.
  8. Nalandaway – The NGO works with underprivileged children by ways of inculcating therapies through art and painting. United Way of Chennai helped them in working with the children living under the juvenile justice systems in two homes (Royapuram Boys Home) and Kellys Girls Home.
  9. The Chennai Education Center (KFI) –They are a leading school which operates in Chennai now having a 100 acre facility in Thirukalikunram, which will serve the privileged and the underprivileged both under the same facility. United Way of Chennai will be helping them set up a Learning Support Centre (LSC) to support children with special learning needs and students with disabilities in the neighborhood of Pathashaala in such a way thatstudents receive support through attention of special educators.

XII.Mr. Brian Gallagher (CEO and President UWW), Ms. Juanita Ortiz, Mr. Keith Woods, Mr. Doug Carry along with Ms. JayanthiShukla of United Way India visited Chennai and took part in the following events on the 21st and 22nd of March 2013.

United Way of Chennai’s Board Meet

Meeting with AMCHAM companies and the US Consulate members

Inauguration of the HCL project with United Way of Chennai

XIII.Future Plans:

  • Events: Marathon, Cyclothon and business meets as permanent events for fund raising. For the first time we will be organizing events around the Madras/Chennai day.
  • UWC – HCL partnership with children living under juvenile justice systems inaugurated in India and an educational program to be inaugurated in the US.
  • Training and placement of the physically disable: Aiming to expand and cover nearly 3000 candidates for the current year.
  • NGOs to be funded: Aiming for 20 NGOs working on health, education and income to be funded by United Way of Chennai.
  • Seva Mela: Helping NGOs showcase their events and activities with their wish list seeking donations during the Joy of the giving week.